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The Wisconsin Dermatological Society represents the state's dermatologists. Following are links that you can use to educate yourself about diseases of the skin.

If you would like help finding a dermatologist who practices in your area, please use our Dermatologist Search feature.

The Marshfield Clinic, the Medical College of Wisconsin, and the University of Wisconsin are the three academic dermatology departments in the state of Wisconsin.
The British Association of Dermatologists offers downloadable brochures providing detailed information on almost every skin disease for patients.
The American Academy of Dermatology is the principal professional organization for U. S. dermatologists. Its includes information of interest to patients, about skin cancer and other skin diseases, You can learn about the types of skin cancer and how to perform a skin self-exam.
The Skin Cancer Foundation also provides information about the types of skin cancer, how to do a self-exam, and how to prevent skin cancer with sun protection.
The Society for Pediatric Dermatology offers patient handouts explaining chilhood skin diseases.
The National Psoriasis Foundation provides comprehensive information about the disease and its treatment.
The National Eczema Association provides information about eczema (atopic dermatitis), lifestyle modifications to minimize flares, and treatments.
The National Rosacea Society explains the disease and its management.
The Melanoma Research Foundation describes in detail the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of melanoma.
The Cutaneous Lymphoma Foundation provides many valuable resources for patients with this condition.
An informative website regarding Merkel cell carcinoma is hosted by the University of Washington.
The International Chronic Urticaria Society explains chronic urticaria (hives).
The Society of Investigative Dermatology is the premier organization for dermatology researchers.
The Dermatology Foundation supports dermatology research.

Consumer skin care website The Derm Review offers an easy-to-understand skin cancer awareness guide. (Thanks to high school student Joann Rosales for sharing this resource.)



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